Helen Annette Annobil was born in Coulsdon, Surrey, England, in March 1958. She started drawing and painting at a very tender age, under the tutelage of her father, Maurice Jackson, a teacher, artist and poet. She trained as a nurse at the age of nineteen, and still practices psychiatric nursing on a full time basis. Helen’s paintings often display a strong expressionistic, or interpretative tendency. She is a purely imaginative artist, whose oeuvre is extraordinary in its diversity, not to mention her vigourous and sophisticated execution. Most of her pieces are painted in less than six hours, shot through always with surefooted inventiveness and urgency. She is comfortable in all  mediums and media, which she mixes freely. Helen is married to Ishmael Annobil, the Ghanaian poet, journalist and filmmaker, with whom she has two children, Brendan and Nana Yaa.

Contact: helenannobil@gmail.com